Tuesday, 8 April 2014

The sun is out. Summer is approaching. 

We can think of no better time to share a quick update on what we've got planned for the coming months. 

Firstly, a huge, huge thank you to everyone who has come along to the Settle open mic night when we've been hosting. Our last week was one of the best yet. A room full of happy, dancing people and some very talented acts taking to the mic will never fail to make us smile. Thank you to Barry and Marisa for their set. And to Chido for his wonderful spoken word piece!

Here's some upcoming dates:
We're extremely excited to be playing an Independent Record Store Day gig on 19th April at Europa Music in Stirling. We don't know the time as of yet, but when we do, it'll be on our Facebook page.

If you're hungry for more, there's Jungle Boogie on the 10th May and Scribblers Picnic the very next day. - Two events we're incredibly excited about and both in aid of such very worth causes. Do click the links and have a read. Also, we'll be playing a very interesting gig in a forest on the 17th May. How exciting! Details to be revealed soon...

There's still a few things we really are dying to tell you, but can't just yet. 

As soon as we can, you best believe you'll be the first to know!

We hope the sun's shining where you are.

The Precious Penny Pluckers

Saturday, 29 March 2014

Here's a little footage of the Creative Stirling CIC Poetry Slam we played recently. Our song, Not a Dollar plays over the video! Thanks, AirTV!


We'll soon be sharing what we'll be up to over spring and summer!

The Precious Penny Pluckers.

Monday, 17 March 2014

Wow! So since our Glasgow gig, we've been back into the swing of things. - Busking, open mic hosting, a gig here, a gig there. After a few quiet weeks, our most recent open mic night had a variety of interesting acts. Some traditional folk music from George, a little bit of punk from Paul and some spoken word from Liam. It was lovely to meet some new faces and hear an interesting story or two, as well as listen to the performances themselves. The most exciting thing about hosting the open mic is the unexpectedness. - That we never know who could turn up. Our most interesting guest so far has definitely been Sydney rapper, Madame Wu, who payed a visit a few months back whilst in Stirling during her travels. Open mic-ing is definitely one of our favourite things to do as a band; be it hosting or playing. So a thank you to everyone who's come along to play!

Recently, we played the Creative Stirling Slam Poetry night. None of us had been to anything like that before so it was interesting to experience something new and to play at something a little bit different. We closed the night with a 30 minute set and it was great to hear the poetry beforehand. Something that never fails to make us smile at gigs is seeing a familiar face. It's nice to see the usual folks, but to see someone we met at a gig a while back and got chatting to is always equally lovely. (Thank you to Jim - who we originally met at our new years day gig - for coming along to the poetry slam!) Hopefully we get the chance to play similar creative and interesting events in the future. Here's a photo, taken by Paula from Creative Stirling, who caught us mid- sound check.

A few people have been asking about the EP. And the answer is that we really don't know. It'll just be a case of the right time and the right people. The soloists we'll have on board will shape the record and it's important that the end product is something we're proud of and that embodies our sound as a band. It's such a personal project and we really don't want to rush it or compromise on quality. That's not to say that we aren't working on other things in the meantime. We've got a few new original songs up our sleeves, which we haven't played live yet. And it looks like summer is going to be a busy time with the possibility of taking our music that bit farther and into new territory. (Although we can't share that news just now!) So we've got lots to be excited about. And, of course, we're excited to share it all with you.


The Precious Penny Pluckers.

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Here's some photos of our first ever Glasgow gig back in January at The Record Factory. Photos courtesy of the wonderful Alasdair Watson Photography.




                                 Thanks ever so much, Alasdair!

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

...And we're back in Stirling!

Wow! Amsterdam was a whirlwind of bicycles, canals and cafés. (Cafe Brecht being our favourite!It really is a beautiful city and we were so pleased to have spent a week there. It's a shame that we couldn't pack up our instruments for the trip because we really do love busking and it would have been great to bring our music to a new city. If anything, perhaps we'll return to Amsterdam in future. It would definitely be the perfect place to record an album!  

Although...we did notice that there's a distinct lack of buskers in Amsterdam city! We saw just two buskers during our stay. One a guitarist. The other a double bassist with jazzy vocal styles. He was an interesting character and he sang Amazing Grace with such trembling, heartfelt vocals. So, whilst the buskers were scarce to be found, we still managed to find a little bit of jazz in Amsterdam! We also managed to get our hands on instruments. But only fleetingly, and in the form of an open mic night. Still, it made for a quick set and even more memories of our stay. 

I, (Nikki!) was so excited to see my favourite band, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, on the night of my 22nd birthday. Whilst seeing a Dutch man crowd-surf on a foam surfboard made for a very mad time, I left inspired by the music. The 12-strong band have such a huge, ambitious sound and their energy and passion on stage is truly infectious. Most of all, they are so free when they perform and I think that's something we can aspire to as a band. I recently came across a Joseph Chilton Pearce quote which said that; 'To live a creative life we must lose our fear of being.' It definitely goes hand in hand with the idea of being free creatively and I hope that, this year, our music and lives can reflect this. 

In terms of the EP, we're getting there! We're looking forward to meeting with a potential brass soloist soon and an accordion piece is hopefully in the works for one of our newer songs. The thought of new Penny Pluckers is definitely an exciting one and like-minded, passionate people can only bring good things. This month brings busking and working our way round all the Glasgow and Edinburgh open mic nights that we can. We'll also be headlining a poetry slam in March, details to be found here

Dream big,
The Penny Pluckers.

Monday, 13 January 2014

This post is an exciting one!

Whilst our recording trip to Skye seems like a while back now and we had no choice but to put the EP work to one side to prepare for our gigs over the festive period, we've finally had some time to bring things together and we're one step closer to the finished product. We now have the backing tracks and lead vocals finished, meaning that we can get creative with the songs and their sound. This means harmonies, guitar solos, brass, tambourine, hand claps, whatever we feel fits best! And, of course, we're so blessed to have a terrific sound engineer for a bassist. 

It'll be a lot of fun and we can't wait to give the songs new life and to make them as exciting and fresh as possible. The track list of our EP at the moment goes as follows;

My House, Not a Dollar, Baby & Me, The Ballad of Poor Valsetta.

You can listen to demo versions of the songs here:

If you're wondering about the names or lyrics of the songs, our songs often have a story-telling nature. All of the above songs incorporate some idea of money or wealth but more recently we've been inspired by the sea. Perhaps, when we get round to making an album, it'll be a concept album!

So, the EP is coming. We're not setting any dates because, whilst we had an idea of a finish date at the start of the project, we really don't want to rush things and want to do the very best we can. It's very important to us and we'll be so pleased when we get to hold the record in our hands and have first listen because ultimately, it's a year of our lives, a year of writing and singing and gigging and travelling. A year together and the chance to discover our sound.

Be sure to pop down to The Curly Coo in Stirling on the 23rd of January for some music from us and Glasgow's Faktory on the 25th, we'll be playing a short set that night too!

See you on the other side of our trip to Amsterdam!


The Precious Penny Pluckers

Thursday, 2 January 2014

Happy New Year!

And a thank you to everyone who has appreciated our music over the year. We've particularly enjoyed working on some new material of our own and we look forward to what the new year has to bring. This year brought a new beginning, gigs at the Settle Inn, playing an Edinburgh fringe gig with The Gramophone Jass Band, hosting our first regular open mic night, a trip to Skye to record our EP and gigs in Stirling on both New Years Eve and New Years day. What a way to end the year!

Quite simply, we've had a blast. To end the year with a gig at the Settle Inn before watching the fireworks at Stirling castle when it struck midnight was perfect. Thanks to everyone who came along for the ride!

For us, this year is an exciting prospect and we just can't wait for what's to come. A gig at Stirling's new whiskey bar, the Curly Coo, is in the works for the 24th of January and we're confirmed for a half hour slot at Faktory in Glasgow's west end on the 25th. (Our first gig in Glasgow!) We're off holidaying in Amsterdam for a week on the 27th but don't think music won't be on our mind. - We're already scoping open mic nights in the city and trying our hardest to source instruments! The possibility of sharing our music with new people in a new city is so exciting.

Hopefully, this year will mean more travelling, festivals, busking, new original songs and a finished EP.

Happy New Year!

May precious pennies come to you all in abundance!